Choose 14 Theses in Favor of Homeschooling

In 2004, Andrew Bushard found employment with the public schools. At the beginning, he considered his job a blessing in disguise. Generally, the 1st year went very well. However, toward the end of the 1st year, the seeds of disillusionment were planted and during the 2nd year, these seeds fully bloomed.

From his perspective, he determined the school system was governed by false paradigms. Andrew Bushard searched his conscience and ultimately decided he could no longer work for the school system. Thus, on August, 16, 2006, he resigned.

This school system expose, a shorter and even more focused version of Andrew Bushard's other work, A Case For Homeschooling: 95 Theses Against The School System, will inspire you to resign from the school system and experience the best things in life. Because you would like to break free from the school system, read this book.

36 pages.

14 Theses in Favor of Homeschooling

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