Choose the Anita Sarkeesian Short Trilogy

18+: These politically incorrect tales about our favorite feminist critic and a third party maverick will entertain you, exhilarate you, and empower you.

The Seduction of Anita Sarkeesian

A babe named Anita Sarkeesian crusades to purify video games. But she discovers a maverick named Frelsun who is also discovering her. Frelsun thinks she is hot and stylish. Frelsun challenges Anita's world view in ways she never imagined. He entices her yet she feels conflicted. Will Frelsun succeed in his quest to seduce Anita and to transform her into a maverick? Read this erotic romance novella to find out.

106 pages. Cover by Marie Ban.

free speech book cover

Mr. Free Speech Stud Bangs Miss Anita Sarkeesian

This short sequel to The Seduction of Anita Sarkeesian gets even raunchier than the book it follows. This erotic short story describes the sexual relationship between Andrew and Anita. Our heroes have both vanilla and kinky sex. They also use their maverick political skills to overthrow the forces of evil. Along the way, they leak a sex tape of a certain Republican presidential candidate and they enjoy a menage type experience with a certain famous YouTuber.

27 pages.

free speech book cover

Anita Sarkeesian Screws and Otherwise Enjoys Mr. Free Speech Stud

This short story, the third part of Andrew Bushard's Anita Sarkeesian trilogy, delights the reader with its political and sexual adventures. Andrew and Anita befriend a famous publisher and a famous YouTuber. They further cement their bond while advancing maverick politics. If you like political erotica, you should love this work.

26 pages.

free speech book cover