Choose How to Express Gratitude

Every motivational speaker and his or her mother praises the virtue of gratitude, but how do we define gratitude? Do you know what gratitude means? Read this book, so you may learn how to appreciate gratitude so you can optimize life.

Motivational speakers talk about the virtue of gratitude, so how do we demonstrate gratitude? The answer may differ from what you expect!

Motivational speakers berate and rebuke you and me for lacking gratitude, when we might be expressing gratitude. Because society doesn't understand gratitude, so its definition of gratitude lacks depth.

We need to appreciate appreciation and we need to appreciate gratitude. We need to start by defining gratitude and thus in the process, challenging conventions and paradigms. This book shows you how to express gratitude.

Join me in taking gratitude to the next level.

36 pages.

How to Express Gratitude