Choose Let's Use Free Speech to Honor Pranks

Killjoys oppose pranks. Killjoys condemn pranks. Killjoys hate pranks. Stick it to the killjoys by choosing this book.

You yourself could prank, thus getting yourself into trouble, or you can prank vicariously by reading this book.

I have learned that pranks offend pricks and grouches, so annoy them by reading this book. Grouches and pricks lashed out at me for my pranks, so screw them. Read this book to spite them.

Don't vilify pranksters and don't victimize pranksters, but exalt them. Pranks build character, so do what you can to read more about pranks.

Don't hold your nose like a snob does. Hold your nose like a prankster does. Society disapproves of pranks, but so what, let us cherish pranks.

Pranks will rock you. Pranks will rattle you. Pranks will rule you. Then you'll shine.

26 pages; 25 poems.

Let's Use Free Speech to Honor Pranks

pranks gone wrong and right