Choose Socialist Babe Falls in Love

18+: The Bourgeoisie tries to suppress and silence your Latina Socialist heroine, Victoria. The Bourgeoisie tries to demonize and defeat your Latina Socialist heroine, Victoria. But your Latina Socialist heroine, Victoria, will encourage and empower you in this tale of class struggle and romantic love!

Victoria, a sexy and horny Socialist, can't find release. Oh no! Then she meets her soulmate. Next, through a variety of activities, she reaches heaven.

Victoria exemplifies success and femininity and her mind, body, and soul radiate liberation and justice. Victoria's pursuit of interracial romance will set a precedent. Victoria will inspire women of color leaders and others. Victoria will charm males and females. Victoria will excite you and me.

When you feel ready for Socialist related encouragement and empowerment, kindly choose Socialist Babe Falls in Love.

34 pages. Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.

Socialist Babe Falls in Love

socialism book cover