Choose Let's Use Free Speech to Praise Visiting Swaziland

It seems like no one has heard of Swaziland, South Africa's neighbor, which ought to sadden us, because of what Swaziland offers. Swaziland, one of the few remaining absolute monarchies in existence, calls those who love the exotic.

When I lived in Minnesota's Twin Cities, a South African national inspired me to visit South Africa. While researching South Africa, I discovered the nation of Swaziland.

The Kingdom of Swaziland enticed and allured me.

I then focused on visiting Swaziland. As I explored this possibility, I settled on centering my trip in Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland. I visited Swaziland for two months in 2008 and then I returned for two months in 2009 and for two months in 2010.

My poems about visiting Swaziland will move and motivate you.

Because you love travel, read this book to appreciate visiting Swaziland.

26 pages; 25 poems.

Let's Use Free Speech to Praise Visiting Swaziland

pictures of Mbabane Swaziland