Choose Syndicalist Babe Wins

18+: What does our world need? Books that combine, merge, and synthesize politics and sex. Fear not, for I have contributed through my creation of the book Syndicalist Babe Wins!

I intend for this work to galvanize you to engage in politics and sex, particularly at the same time. I have added an interracial element to the mix, specifically of the Latina variety. My interracial political erotica will soothe your soul and tickle your loins.

How else does this book appeal to you? Its length. You won't have to read a 500 hundred page novel that emphasizes the passive tone, for the Syndicalist Babe Wins short story, like this webpage, emphasizes the active tone.

The plot will also dazzle you. Consider the storyline. The Syndicalist Babe, aka Cuban Nina, is use to winning. She wins at unionization. She wins at masturbation. Yet she can win in other ways. Will she?

Cuban Nina's story of sensuality and unionization will satisfy your cravings and brighten your day.

36 pages. Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.

Syndicalist Babe Wins

syndicalist book cover