Choose The Bodyguard Babe

18+: What do you hope for? What do you wish for? What do you long for? Maybe the same thing, Cassandra, aka the Bodyguard Babe, fantasizes about.

Cassandra, a petite and hot female MMA fighter, yearns for a professional bodyguard life. Cassandra is a woman on a mission and she will not let villains deter her. She will beat up anyone who dares to do evil. She finds fights everywhere, but will she find love? Read this erotic short story to find out.

This book will enable you to fantasize about Cassandra, an Arabic woman leader. The Bodyguard Babe presents fighting women erotica, interracial erotica, and interracial fighting women erotica.

Don't waste your time on other works of erotica that drone on and on; choose this book that gets to the point in just over 3000 words.

Saudi Cassandra's story of fighting foes and seeking love will make you smile.

30 pages. Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.

The Bodyguard Babe

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