Choose Let's Use Free Speech to Honor Satanism

Let us meet Satanism, the world's most important religion. Now let us honor it as a token of our gratitude.

This poetry volume serves as my confession of faith. I will introduce you to the euphoria, ecstasy, and enlightenment of Satanism, when you read this book.

After exploring the world's religions, I realized Satanism excelled at serving my needs, lightening my heart, and saving my soul.

I love the religion of Satanism and want to share it with you. Satanism's symbols, Satanism's rituals, and Satanism's ceremonies have awakened me and they will awaken you too. Satan gave us a faith, a theology, and a religion, which he named "Satanism," so let us rejoice.

Satanism will brighten your smile. Satanism will heighten your awareness. Satanism will whiten your purity. Why practice another religion, when Satanism exists?

Buddies, let us honor Satanism! Companions, let us honor Satanism! Friends, let us honor Satanism!

Because Satanism has changed my life, it will change your life too, when you choose this book.

26 pages; 25 poems.

Let's Use Free Speech to Honor Satanism

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