Choose Third Party Babe Rules

18+: Arabic Angela will inspire you as she conquers the world. This third party loving former governor will delight you as she gets to know third party hating White Jack. Her interracial romantic activities will arouse you too when you choose this book!

Angela is an Emirati American who lives to advance political third parties. She especially loves the party she founded, the Vision Revolution Party. She happens to meet a stud named Jack, who consequently despises third parties. Angela and Jack agree to face off in a formal political debate. The stakes are high: The loser will have to sexually submit to the winner. You won't want to pass up this novella.

Arabic Angela, your third party loving heroine, will inspire, delight, and arouse you when you choose this interracial erotica book.

108 pages. Cover illustration by Kenya Pineda.

Third Party Babe Rules

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