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Activists of every ideology and belief system utilize the admirable freedom "to petition the government" (and other entities) "for a redress of grievances". Sometimes, activists succeed and amazingly change the world.

Political Parties
Libertarian PartyBelieves in maximum individual liberty
Communist PartyThe official Communist Party
International Communist LeagueVery radical and militant Communists
Socialist Worker PartyOne of the most radical socialist political parties
Revolutionary Communist PartyNeo-Maoist organization
Socialist PartyThe beacon of socialism in America
SolidaritySocialist coalition organization
Green PartyEnvironmentalist 3rd party
Autonomy PartyDynamic political synthesis
Democratic Socialists of AmericaBelieves it's best to work within the democratic system to achieve socialism
Constitution PartyLike the name suggests, believes America needs to return to its constitutional principles
American Reform PartyOne of the most popular 3rd parties in America
Tea PartyIf you're American, you've probably at least heard of them; so go check them out and decide for yourself
Socialist Action"Revolutionary Socialism"
Independence Party of MinnesotaFormer governor Jesse Ventura's party
Alaskan Independence PartySeeks autonomy for Alaska
Peace and Freedom PartySocialist political party
US Pacifist PartySeeks abolition of the military
Workers World PartyReal radical communist party
Socialist Labor PartyMarxist political party that doesn't run candidates for office as far as we know
New Union PartyAnother socialist party
Vermont Progressive Party"Social Justice. Economic Equity. A Successful 3rd Party"
Pirate Party"We support and work toward reformation of intellectual property (IP) laws, true governmental transparency, and protection of privacy and civil liberties."
Red Guards Austin Facebook Page"Red Guards Austin is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective of community organizers and mass workers based in Austin Texas"

Advocacy Groups
ACLUProbably the best known American civil liberties organization
PETAControversial animal rights organization
Common CauseCorporate watchdog group
Christian CoalitionLeading social conservative activist group
National Organization for Reform of Marijuana LawsSeeks decriminalization of marijuana
Fully Informed Jury AssociationEducates in regard to jurors' rights especially the right of jury nullification
Planned ParenthoodAbortion provider and leading pro-choice organization
The Cato InstituteLibertarian think tank
Lew RockwellLibertarian/Paleoconservative blogger
East Timor Action NetworkActivism to improve the situation in East Timor
Democracy UnlimitedSupports initiatives and referendums
Wisconsin Public Interest Research GroupGeneral interest advocacy group
John Birch SocietyAnti-communist group
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action Leaguepro-choice lobbyists
Pink Cross FoundationAnti-pornography organization
Fairness and Accuracy in ReportingMedia watchdog
Center for a Stateless SocietyAnarchist think tank
International Society for Individual LibertyLibertarian organization
Ayn Rand InstituteOrganization dedicated to objectivism (fairly similar to libertarianism)
Operation RescueRandall Terry's pro-life activism group
Live Actionyouth led pro-life group
National Association to Advance Fat AcceptanceDesires to improve conditions for people of size
Ludwig Von Mises InstituteAustrian Economics
Law Enforcement Against ProhibitionThese cops, believe it or not, support marijuana decriminalization
Assisted SuicidePro-euthanasia group
No Cussing ClubJunor High orientated clean language club
Legal Bud ReviewYou can ban cannibas, but this site shows people will nevertheless find ways to get high
Laird Wilcox Editorial Research ServiceSeeks to better understand radical political and religious groups
Squatters' Action for Secure HomesU.K. pro-squatting organization
Buy Nothing DayAnti-consumerist statement
Culture ChangeRadical environmentalist organization that seeks to stop sprawl among other things
War Resisters LeaguePacifist organization
Food Not BombsCooks vegan meals for poor people
Vaccine LiberationBelieves vaccinations are harmful
Porn HarmsAnti-pornography activists
Earth First!"Direct action" radical environmentalists
Animal Liberation FrontThese activists engage in civil disobedience
Earth Liberation FrontMilitant environmentalists
Innocence ProjectDefends the falsely accused
The Move Organization article about the back to nature anti-government religious group
Free MumiaOrganization attempting to win freedom for political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal
Flex Your RightsEducating citizens about their consitutional rights in police encounters
Sea ShepherdVigilant sea based environmentalist group
The 9/11 Truth MovementBelieve the U.S. government has lied about 9-11
National Coalition for Sexual FreedomBDSM advocacy group
Black Bloc Wikipedia ArticleInfo about an anarchist protest tactic
"Anonymous (group)"Wikipedia article about this computer hacking/activist movement
Michigan MilitaParamilitary anti-government group
The Coalition Against Noise PollutionAims to reduce obnoxious and dangerous noise
The Christian Anti-Communism CrusadeSeeking to end world communism once and for all
Biotic Baking BrigadeAn archived webpage of the movement that makes political statements by throwing pies at people
Activist Times, Inc.Pre-World Wide Web (BBSes) and post-World Wide Web anti-authoritarian publication
Phrack, Inc.long running hacking publication (on the internet even before the web!)
National Organization for Marriage Reaction to Obama's Gay Marriage StanceA friend suggested I include this position of the National Organization for Marriage
This is CommunismMaoist Apologist site
MEChAMexican-American activist and educational organization
Bill of Rights Defense CommitteeSupports Constitutional rights
Brown BeretsThe Latino equivalent of the Black Panthers
Industrial Workers of the WorldThe well known long running all inclusive labor union
Junior Wobblies Summer CampIWW "Summer Camp and Family Retreat"
The Asexual Visibility and Education Network"An asexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction."
Black Lives Matter"Freedom and Justice for all Black Lives"
Feminist Frequency"Conversations with Pop Culture"
Free State Project"The Free State Project is an agreement among 20,000 participants to move to NH for 'Liberty in Our Lifetime.'"

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