Freedom of Speech Links: Fun and Wacky Category

The fun and wacky make life so much better!

Church of the Sub GeniusParody of organized religion
International Federation of Competitive EatingThe premier competitive eating organization
Universal Life ChurchThey will ordain anyone and everyone!
Prankdial.comPrank calls by internet
Dumb LawsLaws that shouldn't be laws
Back Alley PressThe place to get your fake diplomas
SlayerThe world's most inspiring and uplifting rock band
Cranky PagesPages this website declares as weird
"George Washington" song by Brad NeelyAll types of made up weird shit about the 1st President of the United States of America
The Amazing Live Sea MonkeysIf you lived in the 80's, you likely remember Sea Monkeys; if not, it's time to get acquainted with these awesome pets
Deadjournal.comDark spinoff of blogging site
National Hobo ConventionEvery year, "bums" meet in Britt, Iowa

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