Freedom of Speech Links: Understanding Hate Speech Category

Most of us desire to eliminate hate speech, but the way most people try to do it is wrong. Let's approach hate speech with a spirit of understanding.

Westboro Baptist Church's Main SiteHate is in its most raw and undistilled form, yet unbelievably creative in its presentation
David Duke"The Official Website of Dr. David Duke: Member of the House of Representatives LA 1989-1993"
God Hates the WorldAccording to Westboro, every single country on earth is completely hated by God
Israelite Church of God in Jesus ChristThe Israelite Church believes Jesus was black and white people are inherently evil
Institute for Historical ReviewHolocaust Denial think tank
Introducation to Historical RevisionismHolocaust Denial information page
Committee for Open Debate on the HolocaustAdvocacy type Holocaust Denial organization
"Real History! Welcome to David Irving's Website"Personal and political webpage of leading Holocaust Denier
American Renaissance"A conservative monthly publication. Promotes a variety of white racial positions."

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