Choose Let's Use Free Speech to Exalt Inhalants

To whet your appetite and tantalize your taste buds, I invite you savor this poem about inhalants, before you choose this poetry chapbook.

Inhalants, inhale

Until you wail

And your arms flail

Inhalants, inhale

Tell your tale

While on a sail

Inhalants, inhale

Blaze a trail

You, we will hail

Now that you have read this poem, ponder how inhalants can enhance your life. Don't keep this wisdom to yourself; evangelize to others about the joy of inhalants and this book.

Don't vacillate. For the opponents of inhalants, those crusaders, want you to do that. Foil their plans, by reading this book. Stop evil, by reading this book. Alright! Get at it! Now!

99% of the world's population uses inhalants 7-12 times a day, so be cool like them and choose this book.

26 pages; 25 poems.

Let's Use Free Speech to Exalt Inhalants

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