Libertarians, Free Press Media is for You! by Andrew Bushard

Libertarians and other pro-freedom folks, Free Press Media is the organization for you.

As Andrew Yoder noted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an arm of the ruling bureaucracy, stifles America's freedoms by regulating broadcast radio and television and by punishing people who dare to use the airwaves to express true and right ideas. Free Press Media exists to change these awful facts by promoting a broadcast radio and television boycott and by encouraging truly exciting alternatives to broadcast radio and television.

Freedom of the press is a right, not a privilege. As Andrew Yoder noted the FCC wields its power by granting or revoking a station's license and thus it stifles breathing room for intellectual, social, cultural, and political growth.

We strongly prefer that the government not meddle in communication. We believe it is best for it to avoid censoring television and radio.

If the airwaves were free, imagine how so much creative, sophisticated, intelligent, thoughtful programming could flourish. We hope that today's media can transform into a media where all the people are able to use it freely.

The airwaves are yours and mine. Free Press Media seeks to restore the airwaves to the people.

A profound statement against government tyranny is boycotting television. Join our organization to promote free airwaves and healthy idea exchange or do something else to advance these ends. Start a chapter in your area to provide a positive alternative to government controlled media or find some other way to stop the FCC.

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