Freedom of Speech Links: Mavericks Category

Political mavericks bravely reject political orthodoxy and stand up for their beliefs.

Norman Finkelstein Jewish supporter of the Palestinians
Tammy BruceGay feminist conservative
Ralph NaderUltra consumer advocate and 3rd party Presidental candidate
Pat BuchananLeading paleoconservative voice
Harry BrowneFormer Libertarian Party Presidential candidate
Ron PaulRepublican Party constitutionalist
Jesse Ventura3rd party governor of Minnesota
Ward ConnerlyBlack anti-affirmative action conservative
LaRouche PACPAC of maverick Democratic Party candidate, Lyndon LaRouche
Jim JeffordsFrom Republican Party to Independent Senator
Lauren Southern"Lauren is an avid reader and a lover of liberty, individuality and responsibility. Although young, she does not hesitate to question popular opinions in the world today."

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