FPM Supports Movie Theaters, DVDs, Video Games, and Internet Videos

Do you love free videos? If so, Free Press Media has tons to choose from! Free Press Media endorses a boycott of broadcast television, but only broadcast television, as movie theaters, DVDs, video games, and internet videos are all great free press entertainment.

We avoid broadcast television because, as Andrew Yoder noted, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) controls it, hence it is not free press media.

The internet is wonderful, because it enables everyone the opportunity to get their message out. Additionally, due to its sheer size, the government can't control it, thus free speech reigns. The internet thus is an inspiring model and Free Press Media uses the internet to disseminate our message.

Reject broadcast television, and watch our internet videos at Free Press Media's youtube channel, or advance free speech by watching other internet videos or going to a movie theater.

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