Put Your Name and Face on the Internet by Starting a FPM Chapter

Picture yourself leading intellectually stimulating discussions! Picture your name prominently displayed in google searches! Picture yourself in internet videos with hundreds or even thousands of hits! Picture yourself preserving the great American freedoms of speech and press!

As Andrew Yoder noted, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a mighty juggernaut, destroys freedom of speech and press by licensing broadcast television airwaves. FPM strongly prefers to stop this. If we can offer alternatives to FCC controlled broadcast television like the internet, DVDs, movie theaters, and FPM talks, we are on the right track. With your help, we can better resist FCC control of media

Free Press Media fills a niche; we advance the freedoms of speech, press, and assembly like few others do. We Americans are very fortunate to have these amazing rights. One way to show gratitude is by using these rights to their fullest.

The Free Press Media (FPM) revolution is calling you to start a FPM chapter.

You can establish a chapter of Free Press Media, wherever you may be, if you so desire.

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