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Virtually every religion and type of spirituality has something to teach us about living the best life.

Christian Denominations
Church of EnglandOne of the world's oldest churches
Watchtower SocietyAka "Jehovah's Witnesses"
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsAka "Mormons"
Intervarsity Christian FellowshipProminent Christian campus group
Campus Crusade for ChristAnother prominent Christian campus group
Sermon AudioMostly Reformed/Calvinist sermon podcasts
Unitarian UniversalistsVery "liberal" and open denomination
Seventh-day AdventistsEvangelical Christians who embrace vegetarianism and teetotalism
Institute for Creation Science ResearchTeaches creationism
Creation Science EvangelismAnother creation science site
Focus on the FamilyParenting and marriage from a biblical perspective
Heart Cry Missionary SocietyMissionary organization based on Reformed Theology
Bethlehem Baptist ChurchMinneapolis Reformed church formerly led by Pastor John Piper
Desiring God"God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him"
Mennonites USAAnabaptist denomination
Orthodox Church in AmericaVery old Christian denomination
Church of the NazareneDisciplined denomination
The Swedenborgian Church of North AmericaLesser known Christian denomination
National Council of ChurchesBody composed of many different denominations
Christian Reformed Church of AmericaReformed Theology denomination
Ligonier MinistriesReformed sermons, books, and more
Anglican ChurchLong standing denomination
The Wesleyan ChurchDenomination founded by John Wesley
The Foursquare ChurchAnother lesser known but important denomination
Saddleback ChurchThe one and only Saddleback mega church
Church of Christian ScienceDenomination believing in prayer instead of medicine
Unification ChurchRev. Sun Myung Moon's church
Primitive Baptist Web StationA very strict form of the Baptist creed
Primitive Baptist OnlineA Calvinistic type of Baptist creed
The Gnosis ArchiveInformation about Gnosticism
Who Are the Essenes?The Essenes were a spiritual group prominent around the time of Jesus
Reformation WallSwiterzland monument honoring heretics and reformers
Luther MonumentStatues honoring reformers/pre-reformers Martin Luther, Peter Waldo, John Hus, John Wyclife & Girolamo Savonarola
"John Huss"Theopedia entry about a major courageous pre-reformation "heretic"
"John Wyclife"Another Theopedia article about another pre-reformation Christian freethinker
"Peter Waldo"Wikipedia article about another brave pre-reformation mover and shaker
Unity ChurchOpen minded denomination, somewhat like Unitarianism, but unique
Mike Connell Ministries"An internationally recognized teacher of the Word, Pastor Mike moves powerfully in prophetic, deliverance and inner healing gifts."
Lutheran Satire"Lutheran Satire is a project intended to teach the faith through silly videos and other things."
New Catholic Generation"New Catholic Generation is an organization composed of all Catholic Teenagers on YouTube testifying to their faith in Jesus Christ."
"List of Christian Denominations"Wikipedia article listing and classifying the major Christian denominations

Jews for JesusJewish people who believe Christ is the messiah; interesting synthesis of Judaism and Christianity
Union for Reform JudaismMost liberal type of Judaism
United Synagogue of Conservative JudaismModerate type of Judaism
Orthodox UnionMost traditional and strictest type of Judaism
Reconstructionist JudaismJudaism branch which believes in adapting Judaism to contemporary times
"What Does Kosher Mean?"Well written explanation of Jewish "kosher" dietary laws
Jewish HolidaysMajor Jewish holidays and their meaning

Atheists, "Freethinkers", and Other Anti-Religious Groups
American AtheistsAtheist only organization founded by the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Freedom from Religion FoundationEducation and activist organization for atheists, agnostic, and other freethinkers
SOS SobrietyRecovery group for non-believers
Blasphemy Day International"Holiday" to honor blasphemy
Council for Secular HumanismBelieves humans should rely on themselves and not on gods
American Humanist AssociationAnother humanist group
American Ethical UnionEthical Culture (similar to atheism/secular humanism)
North Texas Church of FreethoughtYes, a church for "freethinkers"
"Alain de Botton reveals plans for 'temple to atheism' in heart of London"Very innovative synthesis of Atheism and traditional religion
Atheists for Jesus"Designed to provide a method of communication between religious and non-religious people who believe in the message of Jesus."

Deist Related
Unified DeismFacebook page for Deism internet radio program
World Union of DeistsVery informative site explaining deism and contrasting it to other belief systems
PandeismMixture of deism and pantheism; tons of excellent videos

Islamic ThinkingGeneral Islamic info site
Islamic FinderFind a mosque and other Islamic organizations in your area; Seems to have a rather large database; check it out
The Shia HomepageShia Islamic branch information page
Sunni Port Sunni Islam portal
International Association of SufismMystical Islamic practice
Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of AmericaExplanation of Islamic dietary laws
Ministry of HajjSaudi Arabia's official website about the Islamic pilgrimmage to Mecca

Church of SatanAnton Lavey's Satanic Church
Church of ScientologySelf-improvement organization founded by L. Ron Hubbard
Llewellyn BooksMinnesota based new age book company
Hay HouseNew age book company featuring Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, among others
Bahai FaithBelieves all religions are established by God
World PantheismPantheism info site
Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC)Spiritual society
Rosicrucian Order, AMORCSimilar to the immediately above mentioned group
Forgiveness MovementPromoting the timeless spiritual value of forgiveness
The Forgiveness ProjectTeaching the universal value of forgiveness
Against the StreamContemporary American Buddhist movement started by a punk rocker
Numerology.comTeaches there is divine significance in numbers
WitchipediaA wiki for pagans
Theosophical SocietySpiritual body combining east and west
ReikiLearn about the eastern spiritual practice of reiki
EckanarMinnesota based new age religion
The Tribal TheocratCombination of religion and racism
Power Law of AttractionBelief that you can "attract" anything you desire into your life
Shaman PortalWebsite for "all things shaman"
Hermetic LibraryOccult resource site
Silva MethodSpiritual self improvement technique
Esalen InstituteRetreat type workshops
Findhorn FoundationLearn all about this spiritual organization
Jain World Indian religion believing in total non-violence
Sikhs.orgImportant Indian religion
Sacred LovingTantric Sex workshops
ParkeritersJulia and Derek Parker are two of the most knowledgeable astrologers out there
The Official Kwanzaa Web SiteInformation about this African inspired holiday
A Short Guide to Ancient HeresiesDescriptions of broad categories of Christian heresies
List of People Burned as HereticsWikipedia article about heretic martyrs
Jesus-With You AlwaysDrawings of Jesus supporting people in all walks of life
PanentheismEncyclopedia article about a variation of pantheism
Voice of the Martyrs"A non-profit, interdenominational organization with a vision for aiding Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ."

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